Best Practices in Managing Medical Billing Take Backs

By Michelle Stahl, Owner, Physicians Billing Service

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How to Manage Medical Payer Take-Backs

Physicians and Medical Practices manage significant challenges everyday while providing excellent care to their patients.  As an additional challenge, many leading Physicians have inquired with Physicians Billing Service on the increasing amount of medical payer take-backs.

As you are aware, medical payer take backs are when a “payer automatically deducts dollars for an alleged overpaid claim from a future claim payment”, notes an August 30, 2013 article published by the AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders).  Author Delly Parham, CPC notes that “this is a much more difficult challenge for you (medical practices) to overcome because, in this case, the carrier has the money, not you”.

What are the Reasons for Medical Payer Take-backs?

To add to the frustration of getting paid, medical payers do not necessarily define the reason for the take-back on the medical bill.

The AAPC article offers several medical billing tips that “may minimize your frustrations and help to protect your practice, reduce staff time, and keep your records balanced when you are “hit” with take backs.”

Medical Biller Tips to Minimize Take-Backs

Tips for reducing medical billers take-backs:

  • Review the policies published by medical payers for electronic fund transfers (EFTs)
  • Medical Practices should be vigilant about checking notices that are received from medical payers via email and by electronic remittance.
  • Review your medical billing software to determine whether its functionality includes the ability to port patient’s current medical accounts receivable to the future.
  • Speak with the medical payer about why the take-back occurred and ask for justification.

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