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Today’s WSJ published an excellent editorial on ‘The Coming Two Tier Health System’ by Scott Atlas, a Physician and Senior Advisor at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

As a Medical Billing Company, we are familiar with the speculation about the unintended consequences of the Affordable Care Act.  The article postulates that we  will end up with two healthcare systems, “one will be for the poor and middle class, and a separate system will be for those with the money or power to circumvent ObamaCare.”

This excellent article speaks to how many physicians are already not taking Medicare or Medicaid for reimbursement, and in addition, how many medical practices are asking for greater out-of-pocket payment from their patients.

This excellent article is packed with facts, is worth reading by those involved in Medical Billing and Coding.

Highlights from Mr. Atlas’s excellent insights:

  • “About one-third of primary-care physicians and one-fourth of specialists have already completely closed their practices to Medicaid patients.”
  • “Over 52% of physicians have already limited the access that Medicare patients have to their practices, or are planning to, according to a 2012 survey”.
  • The Affordable Care Act has “has already increased premiums by 20%-200% in more than 40 states”.
  • ” A shortfall of more than $88 billion in payments from Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries added more than $1,500 extra a year in premiums and $1,800 extra in total out-of-pocket costs to every family of four with private insurance.”

The reform of the healthcare system is complex, and in many respects, Physicians and Medical Practices are arguably the most visible area that legislators focus on for reform.  If your medical practices needs assistance in simplifying your expense structure, Outsourcing Medical Billing to Physicians Billing Service is an extremely viable option.  Call 703-978-0756 to speak with Michelle Stahl, Owner of Physicians Billing Service.

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To read the full article on the Wall Street Journal web site, click here.

By Michelle Stahl, Owner, Physicians Billing Service.

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