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As Physicians and Medical Practices are aware, the ICD10 code set goes into affect on October 1, 2014, less than 7 (seven) months from today.  The new code set requires specific, itemized codes, that will be substantially different than today.

In an excellent article in Provider News by R. Pandit, entitled ‘Obstetrics:  4 Scenarios Demonstrate How You Should Report Delivery Codes’, the author identifies specific scenarios in how to report delivery codes and the use of medical billing modifiers such as 51, 59 and 22.

The scenarios include:

Pregnant patient’s OB-GYN is out-of-town when patient goes into labor.  Another Obstetrician performs the delivery.  With respect to ICD-10, the article notes “you’ll report O80 (Encounter for full-term uncomplicated delivery) instead of 650 and Z37.0 (Single live birth) instead of V27.0.”

The Nurse deliveries the baby instead of the Obstetrician.  The article notes that “You can use a global code (such as 59400). You should probably add modifier 52 (Reduced services) to account for the fact that the ob-gyn wasn’t present.”

“Master Multiple-Gestation Deliveries”.  Notably, the author references that Physicians codes for delivery will vastly expand due to ICD-10.  “In 2014, ICD-10-CM will combine these codes into single options for twin pregnancy based on specific trimester as well as the number of placenta and amniotic sacs. Check out O30.001-O30.099 (Twin pregnancy …) instead of 651.01. For your outcome code, report Z37.2 (Twins, both liveborn) instead of V27.2.”

Patient experiences a complication during a vaginal or cesarean delivery.  With respect to ICD-10, the article advises that “you need to be specific about the complication, and you will find complications of labor and delivery in the code range 066-077. You’ll see that 659.81 crosswalks to a single option in ICD10.”

To read the full article and detailed information on the four scenarios, visit Provider News online.

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