Medical Billing Service Alert – End of PQRS Incentive Payments

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By Michelle Stahl, Owner, Physicians Billing Service

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This Medical Billing Service Alert highlights a CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) update, published n late January, that notes the end of PQRS incentive payments.  The CMS update is entitled “2014 is the Last year EPs Can Earn a PQRS Incentive Payment”.

As you are aware, in 2014 an prior years, EP’s could earn “an incentive payment for satisfactorily reporting PQRS quality data” to the CMS.  The incentive payments can be substantial and the CMS notes that “if you quality, you will receive an incentive payment equal to .5% of your goal estimated Medicare Part B Physician Fee Service (PFS) allowed charges for covered professional services supplied during that period”.

Please note, 2014 participation in PQRS quality data “will also determine the 2016 PQRS payment adjustment”.

As medical billing and collections can be very complex, Physicians Billing Service highlights the following for Physicians and Medical practices on the steps to participate:

  1. Visit the CMS web site to ensure that your Medical Practice is eligible to participate in the PQRS incentive payment program.  Click here to visit the relevant page at the CMS and to check your eligibility.
  2. Choose the reporting mechanism that is the best fit for your medical practice.  Individual Physicians:  If you are an individually practicing Physicians, choose amongst.  “Medicare Part B Claims, Qualified PQRS registry, Qualified Electronic Health Record (EHR) Product, Qualified PQRS data submission vendor, Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR).  Medical Groups:  If you are a medical group, choose amongst the following to submit your data to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services – Qualified PQRS Registry, GPRO Web Interface (note:  this applies to medical groups with 25+ physicians), Qualified EHR product, Qualified PQRS data submission vendor, CG CAHPS CMS – certified survey vendor (note:  this applies to medical groups with 25+ physicians).

Find out what you need to report to the CMS and view the reporting criteria to submit a qualifying report.  Download the PQRS Implementation Guide zip file to better understand this process.

Finally, “reportt your quality measures” to the CMS.  As a helpful caveat, the CMS notes that your medical practice should be “sure to pay attention to requirements for National Quality Strategy domains”.

If you are in need of additional, detailed information, visit PQRS Incentive Program.

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