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In February, Physicians Billing Service received an important update from the Provider News that no medical billing codes have been assigned by the CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) for “inter-professional telephone / internet consults.”

Many Physicians and Medical Practices had expected a change, as today’s phone and internet communication technologies, enable greater collaboration, productivity and connectivity than ever before.  Inter-professional consults, enabled by technology, should be eligible for reimbursement in the opinion of many in the medical community.

Physicians Will Not Be Able to Collect for Inter-Professional Phone and Internet Consults

The article by R. Pandit entitled “CPT 2014:  Check is Not in the Mail for New Telephone / Internet Consult Codes” notes that “new inter-professional telephone/internet consultation codes went into effect on Jan. 1, so you can technically start billing them if your provider meets the criteria for them and documents the time spent, since 99446-99449 are time-based codes. However, chances are strong that you won’t collect any reimbursement for these codes.”

Notably, the CMS “did not assign any relative value unites (RVUs) to this code for 2014”, so it is highly unlikely that any medical payer will reimburse for inter-professional phone and internet consults.

To read the full article, visit Provider News online.

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