New Healthcare Law Implementation Delay Will Result in $12 Billion in Extra Costs Over 10 Years

By Michelle Stahl, Owner, Physicians Billing Service

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Implications of Delay in Affordable Care Act (ACA)

For Physicians and Medical Practices following the implementation of the new health care law’s employer coverage mandate, the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) and JCT (Joint Committee on Taxation), recently reported that the delay in implementation will result in additional cost of $12 billion over 10 (ten) years.

Costs of Health Care Reform

BCC Advantage recently reported that the “total 10-year costs of health care reform will rise to $1.375 trillion, up from $1.363 trillion”.  Furthermore, they report that “because of the delay, roughly 1 million fewer people are expected to be enrolled in employment-based coverage in 2014.”

As part of the CBO and JCT report notes a key assumption that a portion of large-sized employers that “would have offered health insurance coverage to their employees in 2014 will no longer do so as a result of the one-year delay of penalties for those that do not offer affordable coverage”.

Consulting Services for Navigating the Complexity of the ACA (Affordable Care Act)

If you are looking for helpful information on the ACA (Affordable Care Act) and how it will impact Physicians, Medical Practices and Healthcare providers, reference the excellent publications offered by DecisionHealth.  If you Medical Practice is seeking assistance in navigating the complexity of ObamaCare, Physicians Billing Service would be glad to assist you with Consulting Services and in providing you with an independent cost analysis of Outsourcing Medical Billing.

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