NY Times – When Gene Tests for Breast Cancer Reveal Grim Data but No Guidance

When Gene Tests for Breast Cancer Reveal Grim Data but No Guidance Especially for Medical Billing

New York Times logoA March 11 article in the New York Times by Gina Kolata really digs in to the issue of what patients should do when they via gene tests discover they are at higher risk for contracting breast cancer. This raises the most interesting question of are we better off with these gene tests because even if positive for the gene sequence that can cause breast cancer and a possible unknown mutation, treatments options remain diverse and have not coalesced around a particular treatment.

For example, Angie, Watts, 44, had the genetic testing after a lumpectomy that showed she had a DNA repair gene alteration. Her oncologist recommended a double mastectomy instead of radiation as that might further damage this gene.  Ms. Watts got a second opinion that differed from the first saying this was no issue with radiation causing this gene damage. After much consideration Ms. Watts went with the radiation treatment.

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While the gene tests are still an important tool for the medical professional patients, they do not offer a panacea for treatment decisions. While the test can better identify where the cancers can occur they do not always determine the best care or treatment options. But Physicians Medical Service can determine what the best billing methodology is for you and your team. Call our owner Michelle Stahl at 703.978.0756 or visit our website or use our medical billing company online contact form for a prompt response.

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To read ‘When Gene Tests for Breast Cancer Reveal Grim Data but No Guidance’ on the New York Times web site, click here.

By Michelle Stahl, Owner, Physicians Billing Service

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