USA Today – New Medical Codes that Only Kafka Could Love

USA Today article on ICD-10 and ObmacareUSA Today – New Medical Codes that Only Kafka Could Love

Physicians, medical billers and medical billing companies are adjusting to the new normal of complying with ICD-10 which became effective on October 1, 2015.

Monday’s USA Today featured an insightful editorial on medical red tape – ‘New Medical Codes That Only Kafka Could Love’.

Marc Siegel, a physician and associate professor of medicine at NYU’s Langone Medical Center highlights how “the road to successful treatments and cures is cluttered with expanding red tape:  courses to take, certifications to achieve, endless electronic record keeping that take the  place of patient contact, and now, a chokehold list of insurance billing codes that has been expanded from fewer than 15,000 disease / health issue entries to 68,000”.

As the owner of Physicians Billing Service, we have seen a progressive increase in medical billing since 1989.  That said, the recent implementation of ICD-10 vastly exceeds the regulation creep of the prior three decades.  Dr. Siegel captures this observation by noting “but with more than 100 choices for diabetes alone, I must spend more time than ever in front of a computer screen, trying to decide what accurately describes my patient”.  Moreover, if he does not get the codes right, than he will not be paid.

Physicians Billing Service has dedicated its business to the productivity and profitability of physicians and medical practices.  Everything we do is aimed to offer value that pays for itself.  From our fee structure (we do not get paid until you get paid), to our cloud-based EHR systems that do not burden you with unnecessary overhead, our commitment is to offer value at each stage and in sum that vastly exceeds others in the marketplace.  While there is a preponderance of ‘solutions’ and noise in the marketplace, our Physician and Medical Practice clients tell us that our simple approach to billing, Smart EHR, ICD-10 Training and results, is a refreshing restoration of trust, that is less apparent in today’s marketplace.

Dr. Siegel sagely highlights that as a result of a substantial regulatory burden, patients can expect “longer wait times and more ancillary staff, which means a higher cost of doing business”.   Moreover, “the only way your doctor will be able to make up that cost is to see a higher volume of patients in an even shorter period of time”.  The punitive nature of today’s medical environment is captured with a appropriate cynicism when he notes “the expanding and aging patient pool creates the need for more complex system of disease identification.  theoretically, this means insurance would pay more for an accurate description, though in the real world it means that they will be using an inadequate description as an excuse for paying less”.

If your medical practice is in need of ICD-10 training, consulting, or medical billing services, Physicians Billing Service would be glad to help to relieve the regulatory burden that is

To read, ‘New Medical Codes that Only Kafka Could Love’ on the USA Today web site, click here.

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