Washington Post – Insurer Warnings Cast Doubt on ACA Exchange Future

Washington Post IconInsurer Warnings Cast Doubt on ACA Exchange Future

Many insurers are losing money on the exchanges created by Obamacare a/k/a The Affordable Care Act according to a recent article in the Washington Post by journalist Tom Murphy of the Associated Press. One of the largest, United Healthcare looks to have lost as much as $475 million in 2016, a staggering sum. The  loss is so large that the company strongly considering withdrawing from the ACA. Aetna too is considering pulling out and along with a dozen or so failed cooperatives that have gone under hundreds of thousands of folks scrambled for coverage this year. As insurers leave, this problem will intensify.

Add to this issue, the political clamoring from Republicans to cancel the ACA, the exchanges look like they are in the Intensive care unit on life support. A Republican Presidential victory would be yet another nail in Obamacare’s coffin.

However, all is not gloom and doom. In some markets the insured are getting younger and after insurer’s collect data on their insured’s, some insurers are better managing care.  A healthcare expert quoted in the article stated that the exchanges are like a fire that just needs more oxygen to grow. Examples from Montana and a few other states experiences are given but the overriding theme is that the ACA is a highly delicate balancing act that will continue for years.

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