WSJ – Medical Query – Were You Struck by a Duck?

Wall Street Journal LogoWSJ – Medical Query – Were You Struck by a Duck?

Dr. R.J. Petrella, an ER physician, writes a tongue in cheek critique of the ICD-10 codes that now have 70,000 classification codes up from the mere 14,000 classifications from the ICD-9. The ICD-10 codes now include literally “Struck by Duck” and “Sucked into a Jet Engine” to more specifically classify diagnoses and better reimburse providers.

This of course will lead to physicians in general spending less time with patients as they will need more time to find the right ICD-10 code. This is where Physicians Billing Service can assist. Our expertise in performing this service or training your staff to perform makes offices more efficient and allows physicians more time not less with their patients.

Dr. Petrella goes on to combine the odd ball diagnoses stating: “The World Health Organization is already working on the monster grandchild, ICD-11. More specificity will help clear up some significant ambiguities: Where, exactly, was the patient struck by a duck? In the earlobe? On his water skis? Was he knitting or crocheting? And was it before or after he was sucked into the jet engine? There are so many diagnostic possibilities—and they keep multiplying. Like ducks.”

Likewise, physicians’ problems will multiply and they will not get paid if they wrongly classify patient’s diagnosis. Physicians Billing Service can bill these for you effectively and we will not get paid until you get paid. We also offer our cloud-based EHR systems that do not burden our clients with unnecessary overhead, and our commitment is to offer value at each stage and in sum that vastly exceeds others in the marketplace.

To read ‘Medical Query: Were You Struck by a Duck?’ on the Wall Street Journal web site, click here.

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