WSJ – More Health Co-ops Fail Causing Smaller Coops

Wall Street Journal LogoWSJ – More Health Co-ops Face Collapse

An October 16th article in the Wall Street Journal by Stephanie Armour talks about more Health coops failing. Co-ops in Colorado and Oregon join co-ops in New York, Tennessee, Nevada, Iowa, Kentucky and Louisiana in failing and causing premiums to rise in those states and competition to fall.   This adversely affects numerous smaller coops, insurers and smaller healthcare providers as they relied on these failing coops for business. This only increases the stress of medical billing and this is where Physicians Billing service can assist. We can ensure your medical office or coop bill all procedures correct the first time meaning you get paid as opposed to having to spend administrative time refilling and resubmitting paperwork.

This coalition is thinking about filing suit to get the risk adjustment altered wherein money is taken form coops with younger and healthier members and shared with coops with higher aged and at risk populations. This is because the coops are losing money due to smaller than expected enrollments and smaller payouts from risk corridors. In fact, on 12.6% of the money requested form such resik corridors is being paid out due to a lack of funds.

If your office relies on these risk corridors you must bill quickly, efficiently and correctly. Physicians Billing Service can come through for you in this regard. We help train our clients such that we reduce the market inefficiencies and share the burden with our clients (We do not get paid until you get paid). Servicing clients from Florida to Boston, Physicians Billing Service is available to assist you and your practice with its ICD-10 billing.  Just contact us here or schedule a meeting with our owner, Michelle Stahl, by calling 703-978-0756. You will be satisfied you did.

To read ‘ More Health Co-ops Fail Causing Smaller Coops’ on the Wall Street Journal web site, click here.

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