WSJ – ObamaCare Dream Turning into a Nightmare 

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WSJ – ObamaCare Dream Turning into a Nightmare 

An Editorial in last week’s Wall Street Journal by Peggy Noonan talks about how ObamaCare is praised in the press for its success but its enrollment numbers are dropping. Additionally, cost over runs and insolvency for some state exchanges is occurring because premiums were priced to only cover about two-thirds of the costs and exchanges were looking for their own bailout that Congress did not fund. Four state exchanges are bankrupt including the large state of New York.

More interestingly  Wharton economists studied how better/worse off the poor was with ObamaCare and found that the out of pocket consumptions (even with subsidies) caused the poor to have fewer benefits left post paying for healthcare. That is, ObamaCare hurts the people (the poor) it purports to help.

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To read ‘The Daydream and the Nightmare’ by Peggy Noonan on the Wall Street Journal Web site, click here.

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