WSJ – Organ Donors Give the Gift of Life

Wall Street Journal LogoWSJ – Organ Donors Give the Gift of Life

In a February 28, 2016 Wall Street Journal article, journalist Ralph Gardner Jr. highlights the role of organ donors and the gift of life.

Cathy Murphy received a brief telephone message from her doctor to the effect that a liver had become available. What she did not know until after the transplant was that she received the oldest liver transplant from a 93 year old. Unlike hearts or kidneys, livers if they are in good condition can be translated.

New York State lags behind the rest of the country in organ donation. In fact, it is dead last, fiftieth out of fifty. Organs are so hard to come by that doctors request GPS to track the organs through heavy New York City traffic.

With the help of a group of New York real-estate professionals known as “Donate 8” (so named because it’s possible for one registered individual to donate up to eight organs), the LiveOnNY Foundation was created last month to raise awareness about the lifesaving potential people possess.

Cathy Murphy is doing really well post-surgery with plans to go to Sea World and go on a wild boar hunt. IT is a message of hope that some organs can be donated even if you live a long life.

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To read ‘Organ Donors Give the Gift of Life’ by Ralph Gardner Jr. on the Wall Street Journal web site, click here.

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