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Accounts Receivable Best Practices for Outsourced Medical Billing

Physicians Billing Service (Physicians Billing Service) takes the burden of addressing overdue claims, providing patients with balance due statements and collections off of your shoulders.

Insurance Follow-up: No more overdue claims (Period!). An overdue claim is equivalent to lost revenue. Physicians Billing Service handles overdue claims aggressively through continuous and persistent follow-up. Whether the insurance company failed to process the claim correctly or medical notes are needed for processing, we take the necessary steps to see that all claims are paid in a timely fashion..

Patient Statements and Balance Billing: When charges are passed on to the patient or there is a coinsurance / deductible balance on the patient’s account, Physicians Billing Service will send the patient a professional, easy-to-read statement providing them with multiple payment options…

Patient Follow-up and Soft Collections: If a patient’s balance ages beyond 60 days, Physicians Billing Service will make a courtesy call to your patient reminding them of the balance owed.

Collection Agency Turnover: There may be a small percentage of patients that accrue a balance and ignore efforts to make payment. When all avenues of soft collections and follow-up have been exhausted, Physicians Billing Service will contact the doctor to make the determination as to whether the account should be turned over to a collection agency or an adjustment should be made on the account.

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