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Accounts Receivable Targets for Outsourced Medical Billing

Our accounts receivable targets are:  0-30 days = 50%, 31-60 days = 40%, 61-90 days = 10%, greater than 90 days = 0%.

The quicker your claims are paid, the quicker that Physicians and Medical Practices receive their money.  Keeping your claims current within 0-30 days, is the sign of a healthy practice.

We follow-up with insurance companies constantly, to ensure that we are actively tracking on any potential issues.

In many instances, medical practices and our competitors, do not implement rigid follow-up procedures, and receivables age well beyond best practices.

We do everything to ensure that we collect your money in order to maximize your cash flow.  We have long standing relationships since 1989 with the provider representatives at  the major insurance carriers, and as a result, our phone calls and follow-up requests are handled promptly.

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By Michelle Stahl, Owner, Physicians Billing Service

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