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Consulting Services

At Physicians Billing Service, our Medical Billing Consulting Services have proudly earned an +A reputation from +250 leading Physicians through-out the United States for increasing their revenue, cash flow and profitability.  We consult with leading Doctors to assist them in stopping their decline in revenue and growing their profitability.

We employ a proprietary 5 (five) Step Medical Billing Excellence methodology that allows us to quickly identify areas where your medical practice can improve cash flow and profitability including:

  1. EOB (Explanations of Benefits) Review
  2. Under Coding Review & Best Practices:  we comprehensively review areas in which your medical biller staff can improve revenue by properly coding medical procedures.
  3. Missed Charges Review & Best Practices we audit your missed charges and coach your medical biller staff on proper billing procedures.
  4. Unreimbursed Claims Review & Best Practices we audit your unreimbursed claims and accounts receivable aging, to help you precisely assess how your unreimbursed claims can be reduced.
  5. Revenue Excellence Program:  Physicians and Medical Practices have increasingly turned to our medical billing consulting services because of our Revenue Excellence Program.  We quickly assess your problem and assist you medical biller teams in increasing their cash flow, expediting claims submissions, managing total revenue cycles, expediting claims reimbursement, reducing labor costs and streamlining medical billing operations.  We are able to complete a consulting engagement that will transform your medical practice within 2 to 4 weeks.

At Physicians Billing Service, we proudly support +250 Physicians through-out Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, South Florida and Key West.  As a leading Medical Biller Company, we are unique in that we do not charge medical billing set-up fees and our incentives to perform are directly aligned with your medical practice’s cash flow and profitability.  For a complimentary consultation and to speak with Michelle Stahl, Owner of Physicians Billing Service, call 240.382.Bill (2455) or use our online contact form.

By Michelle Stahl, Owner, Physicians Billing Service

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We are proud to support leading Physicians & Medical Practices through-out Florida, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey & New York. Your commitment to excellence inspires us! Since 1989, Physicians Billing Service has been committed to excellence in Medical Billing & Collections.

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