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Maximizing Revenue for Medical Practices & Physicians

Maximizing earned revenue for Medical Practices and Physicians is an increasing necessity as changes in the Healthcare environment erode cash flow and profitability.  The complexity of Revenue Cycle Management in Coding has vastly increased and will continue to become more complex with the introduction of ICD-10 in 2014.

Physicians Billing Service has proudly earned an +A reputation for excellence in medical billing. Our Consulting Services Team works along side medical practices to maximize revenue by:

  • Claims Submissions:  Paying strict attention to the order in which claims are submitted.
  • Linking the proper medical billing codes:  it is essential to link the proper diagnosis codes to the appropriate CPT codes to comply with the ‘medical necessity’ standard.
  • Never acquiescing to medical coding’s complexity as simple data entry:  each claim is earned revenue and the proper time should be allocated to collect the earned revenue.
  • Understanding denial codes and the processes to correct denials and rejections:  denial codes such as PR204 and CO50 require patience and understanding to persevere in collecting earned revenue.
  • Complying with submission guidelines:  collecting earned revenue requires that medical billers are committed to understanding and complying with carrier guidelines for submitting claims and corrected claims.

For more information, read:  How Do Medical Practices Maximize Revenue Cycle Management in Coding?.

At Physicians Billing Service, since 1989, we have proudly been assisting leading Medical Practices & Physicians with medical billing consulting and outsourced medical billing and collections.

My team and I are able to consult with your medical practice and train your staff, so that you are at ease regarding the scope of implementation of ICD-10.  Give Michelle Stahl, owner a call at 240.382.Bill (2455) or use our contact form to schedule a complimentary consultation.

For Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about ICD-10, read Time is Now for Medical Billers to Focus on ICD-10.

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