Smart EHR System – Electronic Health Records Software

Best Practice Management System by Physicians Billing Service

Smart EHR System – Electronic Health Records Software

Looking for an outstanding, integrated EHR (Electronic Health Medical Records) and Practice Management System.  At the request of our Physician clients for no hassle outsourcing, Physicians Billing Service offers state-of-the-art EHR and Practice Management Systems as a value-added software-as-a-service.

Cloud-Based Solution – Save Money & Time, Reduce Risk

Our cloud-based solution means that you can ensure:

  1. Ease of Use for Physicians & their Medical Billing Team
  2. Regulatory Compliance with ICD-10
  3. Data & Advance Reporting to improve the efficiency of your medical practice

Proven Experience – Refined Feature-Set that Physicians Can Trust

At Physicians Billing Service, since 1989, we have earned the trust of our clients by vetting technology and billing solutions that improve their cash flow & profitability, as opposed to asking them to invest in unproven technologies.

Smart EHR – for Quick Implementation, Efficiencies & Results

Many Physicians and Medical Practices have invested in unproven systems and promises that have not come to fruition.

At Physicians Billing Service, our Smart EHR offers proven, no-hassle features that will immediately earn your trust.

No-Hassle Features:

  • eRx:  electronic prescription writing & fulfillment
  • Simple Sign-on:  sign in once for both EHR and PM
  • Clinical Library:  easy access to an advanced clinical template library
  • Ease-of-Use:  complete integration of dictation including voice-to-text, mobile and advanced patient analytics
  • Patient Communications:  experience state-of-the-art patient communications to lower no-show rates, better patient retention and increased patient satisfaction.
  • Stay-Up-to-Date:  access immediate clinical alerts, so that you and your staff are not the last to know.
  • Smart View:  experience complete insight into your patient’s heal records.
  • Security:  cloud-based encryption ensures the best protection vs. locally stored files.

Benefits of Smart EHR

  • Reduction in Costs:  proven reduction in costs via greater efficiency in the front / back-office.
  • Accuracy:  complete accuracy in documentation that you can count on.
  • Scheduling:  the easiest scheduling of appointments and resources.
  • Security:  our cloud-based system has the most advanced security vs. local hardware solutions that are often out of compliance.
  • Ease of Use:  our software-as-a-service ensures that you remain unencumbered by expensive hardware and software updates.

Full Revenue Cycle Management – No Hassle Outsourcing 

Physicians Billing Service offers one of the industry’s only full revenue cycle management solutions.    Our clients tell us that we are one of the only medical billing companies that can guarantee outcomes.  We take holistic ownership in your success by integrating our Smart EHR with full revenue cycle management.  The results speak for themselves:

  • Training for ICD-10 Compliance:  our expertise and dedication is available for on-site training, assistance and consulting. Our promise and commitment is to lower your risk with the complex implementation of the ICD-10 code set.
  • Collecting +75% of receivables in less than 30 days, increasing cash flow by +25%
  • Reducing Medical Billing costs by +15% by saving our clients money on salaries, overhead and investment in software.
  • Fastest claim submissions to increase cash flow and lower bad debt.
  • No Hassle Outsourcing:  no software, no billing staff and no hassles.

The results: unparalleled capabilities to manage your finances, compliance responsibilities and medical practice efficiencies.

In today’s environment, Physicians and Medical Practices are learning that technology upstarts and hospital consultation are not the safe harbor to industry disruption that they had expected.  Talk to Physician Billing Service, a proven performer ssince 1989.

About Physicians Billing Service

Since 1989 Physicians Billing Service has earned an outstanding reputation for medical billing, revenue cycle management and Smart EHR systems.  Our ability to earn results for leading Physicians and Medical Practices are backed up by client testimonials from the best in the medical industry.

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