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WSJ – Health-Care CIOs Spot Apple Watch Potential

WSJ - Health-Care CIOs Spot Apple Watch Potential

Very interesting WSJ article – ‘Health-Care CIOs Spot Apple Watch Potential’ by journalist Clint Boulton. The article spotlights the Apple Watch that was announced on September 9.  The Wall Street Journal CIO Journal article highlights:  “Health-care CIOs tell CIO Journal

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The Real Reason Physicians Must Comply With HIPAA

As anyone involved in the healthcare field knows, compliance with HIPAA is a crucial part of daily business.  With many strict guidelines to follow, it is sometimes complicated to understand why it is so necessary for the government to step

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Medical Code Delay Costs Hospitals in Boston, Tampa, Orlando

It turns out that the medical code delay of ICD-10 until October 1, 2015 is going to cost hospitals in Boston, Tampa, Orlando and through-out the USA substantial sums. On May 2nd, the Wall Street Journal published an insightful article

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