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Customer Service

You are more than a number. As your service partner, we go above and beyond the industry standards for customer service. Our goal is to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. Our clients are assigned a dedicated biller who understands the needs of their practice.


Are you being paid for every charge you are entitled to? Are you ignoring revenue opportunities simply because you think the billing process is unworkable? Physicians Billing Service (Physicians Billing Service) offers your practice customized billing solutions for your specialty. We start by reviewing your current billing procedures with an eye towards missing billable charges and then create a system tailored to fit your needs. Customizing our industry-proven solutions to your specific practice requirements sets us apart from our competitors.


Revenue delayed is revenue unearned. That is why Physicians Billing Service is committed to providing the most reliable and efficient billing service in the industry. Our staff is certified, highly trained, and kept-up-to-date on changes in the industry. The results are clear – Physicians Billing Service’s average number of days in A/R is nearly half the industry average.

Increased Profits

Put our experience to work for you. The costs of running your own billing operation can add up. When you partner with Physicians Billing Service, you will have access to our professional staff and knowledge base. Outsourcing your medical billing to Physicians Billing Service allows you to eliminate hidden costs and concentrate on production while someone else concentrates on collecting. Practices that outsource their billing to Physicians Billing Service have stated that they save 3 to 5 percent over the cost of handling their billing internally.


We offer peace-of-mind. Your billing system is your livelihood. We will provide accurate billing in a timely manner for every claim that is produced. We stand behind that claim with a guarantee to pay for any claim lost to billing error or untimely filing. In addition, we hold ourselves to rigorous auditing standards so you can be assured that we are doing the job right the first time, every time.

Outsourcing Medical Billing in DC, Virginia, Maryland and South Florida

Looking to outsource your medical billing to a highly regarded medical billing and medical collections firm? Physicians Billing Service is a highly regarded, professional billing service with an A+ reputation. Our expertise enables us to bill claims within a 24 hour period – which enables your medical practice to be reimbursed as fast as possible.

Adavantages of Outsourcing

Research on Outsourcing Medical Billing Proves:
  • Outsourcing allows clinicians to focus on patient care
  • Outsource companies are up to speed regarding HIPAA compliance
  • Outsourcing can reduce operating costs
  • Outsource companies understand claims-processing changes and are quick to respond to them
  • Outsource companies apply QA standards before bills are submitted to ensure that claims are processed and paid appropriately
  • Outsource companies create a consistent cash flow and can increase revenue
  • Outsource companies can develop of list of services and charges that organizes the billing process for more efficiency
  • Outsourcing costs are based on a percentage of moneys reimbursed (i.e., the outsource company realizes no benefit until after the facility has its money in the bank)
  • Outsourcing saves the organization from having to train and maintain billing staff

Reference: Ladd, J., & Allan, W. (2002). Outsourcing your billing frustrations. Behavioral Health Management, 22(6), 24.


We proudly support Physicians and Medical Practices through-out the Washington DC metro area, Maryland, Virginia and South Florida.


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By Michelle Stahl, Owner, Physicians Billing Service

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