Medical Billing


Physicians Billing Service is a professional medical billing and collection company that offers billing services for medical practitioners nationwide.

Physicians Billing Service helps doctors and medical practitioners avoid the work and challenges associated with electronic insurance claims. While paper claims are becoming a thing of the past, we do provide paper submissions although the electronic claim submission process is the most efficient way to get reimbursed quickly.

Our state-of-the-art practice management software allows us to bill our claims within a 24-hour period, enabling you to receive payment on a faster and more consistent pace. Almost all insurance companies are now accepting electronic claims, which is why outsourcing medical billing has become possible.

By allowing Physicians Billing Service to manage your billing, you can focus on your patients. Our goal is to provide the highest return on your claims without sacrificing service or patient support. We successfully convert medical services into cash reimbursements.

Many Physicians and Medical Practices count on Physicians Billing Service. They rely on us to get claims out within 24-48 hours of receipt. They appreciate that we making the billing process as seamless as possible. We are widely respected for adapting to the processes of Medical Practices.

We will work with you on your fee ticket (super bills), to make sure that you are capturing everything that you legally could be billing.