Medical Coding


Without proper medical coding of all ICD-10 and Current Procedural Terminology Codes (CPT’s), insurance companies will not reimburse you.

We take tremendous care in ensuring that your Medical Codes are entered properly on claims forms in order to ensure maximum reimbursements for your services.

Our medical coding specialists are experts at reviewing the codes that you have provided and ensure that they are billed correctly. Insurance companies, especially Medicare, will not reimburse you unless you prove medical necessity. We are here to make sure you get paid. We check and re-check all medical coding on each and every claim form submitted.

Our employees are coding certified and we have access to all of the latest publications and coding guidelines that have been published by AMA, AAPC, CMS. This ensures that we are coding properly. We typically do not add codes unless we have Physician and Medical Practice approval.

Because of our state-of-the-art practices, we code so that medical practices earn the highest reimbursement.

Our certified medical coders are responsible for creating the codes on the claim. Our staff is aware of the latest CPTC codes and ICD-10 codes which enable us to expedite you getting paid. Our highly trained team is able to avoid coding edits that result in denial of claims if your procedure codes and diagnosis codes do not match.

Our Medical Coders also serve as a highly capable advocate for the Doctor and Patient, when there are issues of medical necessity.

By allowing us to manage your medical coding, you can focus on your patients. Our goal is to provide the highest return on your claims without sacrificing service or patient support. We successfully convert medical services into cash reimbursements.