Our Promise to Physicians: 100% Satisfaction

Choosing a Medical Billing Company is Math + Reputation

Are you looking to Outsource Your Medical Billing? Since 1989, Michelle Stahl, has led a team of medical billing professionals in earning outstanding results for our clients:

√ Increase Physician Cash Flow by 25%. Guaranteed! We actively consult with you on Revenue & Physician Productivity ,and then diligently follow-up to capture at least 85% of your A/R (Accounts Receivable) within 30 days.

√ Reduce Medical Billing Costs by at least 15%. Guaranteed! You do not pay for overhead, our state-of-art medical billing software or our incredible medical billing staff efficiencies. We are able to leverage our economies of scale to greater profits and cash flow for our Physician clients.

√ No Set-up Fees. No Start-up Fees. We only get paid when you do!

√ Leading Medical Biller Staff. Our medical billers are the best trained in the industry and 100% USA based. We are one of the industry leaders on employee retention.

About Physicians Billing Service

In 1989, Michelle Stahl started Physicians Billing Service after assisting a Physician leave a HMO to start his own practices. I set up his billing and back-office. Word of mouth led to an additional client, which led to one more, and on and on. Almost 25 years later, Physicians Billing Service has evolved into a significant employer of medical billing professionals, Women-Owned Business and highly rated #1 Choice for Medical Billing Outsourcing by our clients.

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Our reputation and client reviews is how we measure our success. We would be happy to provide you with direct access to our clients to whom you can direct any question.

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We would be glad to provide you with a complimentary estimate. Contact a leader in Medical Billing in the Washington DC metro area, Virginia and Maryland by calling (703) 978-0756 or use our online contact form.  All inquiries are kept strictly confidential.


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