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Our History as a Leading Medical Billing Company

Like many business stories, the founding of Physicians Billing Service was a result of opportunity, hard work, exceptional client care and a spare room in Michelle Stahl’s home. We are very grateful to our team, and to the many Physicians and Medical Practices through the years who have entrusted our company with the opportunity to increase their cash flow & profitability.

A Word-of-Mouth Success Story

Michelle Stahl founded Physicians Billing Service in 1989, at the request of a friend of a friend who was a Physician. He decided to leave the HMO in which he had been working, and decided to open a stand-alone medical practice. He asked me to help him set up his office and his medical billing and collections and was thrilled with the outcome. One thing led to another, and this Physician had another Doctor friend who became a client, which led to a third Medical Practice, a fourth Medical Practice and here we are, 24 years later.

With incredible gratitude to our clients who have committed to Outsourcing Medical Billing to Physicians Billing Service, we now has 20 full-time employees based in the United States, in Burke, Virginia. I remain very proud of my employees, their retention, and loyalty to our clients in providing outstanding professionalism and results. My medical billing team and I thorougly enjoy working with our Physician clients and being outstanding advocates on their behalf.

Physicians Billing Service’s Continuous Focus on Excellence

Michelle Stahl earned her coding certification in 1996, and the team and I have diligently kept up with Continuing Medical Education Units (CEUs) from the AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders), which is widely respected to be the standard of medical billing & collection excellence in the United States.

We are proud to be a Women Owned Business who earned each opportunity through the merits of our work, results and standards of excellence. Each year, we give back to our community, each year, with silent acts of philanthropy to families in need: Back-to-School, ThanksGiving, Christmas, Easter, and more. Most importantly, I am very proud of my two beautiful children.

We proudly serve leading medical practices from coast-to-coast. our team and I would be glad to be of service!

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