We provide a comprehensive set of medical billing reports for our clients that include information and data on profitability, productivity, accounts receivable, and much more! Examples of some of the medical billing and coding reports we provide include:

  • Referring physician profitability. This report can help you understand the costs and benefits of your largest referrers. Provider productivity. This report can be the basis for any performance-based payment plan. We include this report in our end-of-month reports.
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report. This is one of the most important reports you can get. It separates your accounts receivables into two parts: one is for receivables that are pending from insurance companies and the other part is money owed to you from your patients.
  • Payer Mix Report. This report enables the practice to see where the majority of their income is coming from and can help explain the variances in income from insurance payers on a monthly basis.