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An Old Vaccine May Help Against Covid

By Robert C. Gallo and Daniel J. Arbess

In an excellent editorial in the July 1, 2020 Wall Street Journal, Robert C. Gallo and Daniel J. Arbess write about ‘An Old Vaccine May Help Against Covid’.

Notably, they highlight how “an old vaccine known to be a potent stimulus of the innate immune system” may be helpful in retarding the symptoms of Covid-19.  Specifically, they highlight how “an innate-immunity vaccine can provide nonspecific protection agains a range of viruses and become effective in hours, not weeks”.  Moreover, they suggest “the Savin Oral Polio Vaccine, or OPV, as an ideal way to stimulate native emergency immune response to Covid wile work on a targeted vaccine continues”.  The article is well worth reading.

To read the full editorial, please visit the Wall Street Journal web site.

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