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WSJ – Antibodies Can Be the Bridge to a Vaccine

July 6, 2020

Today’s Wall Street Journal featured an excellent editorial, ‘Antibodies Can Be the Bridge to a Vaccine’, by Dr. Borio (Vice President at In-Q-Tel and former director for medical and biodefense preparedness policy at the National Security Council) and Scott Gottlieb (resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and board member of Pfizer and Illumina).

Dr. Borio and Mr. Gottlieb highlight “one promising option to mitigate the Covid-19 crisis “is monoclonal antibodies – lab-produced molecules engineered to mimi antibodies that occur naturally in response to an infection or vaccine.  Like natural antibodies, the lab versions bind to the virus and prevent its spread”.  Moreover they write, “antibodies are a hedge against the risk that the virus mutates in ways that evade other drugs or vaccines”.  The article is well worth reading.  To read the full article, visit The Wall Street Journal web site.

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