WSJ – Early Coronavirus Vaccine Supplies Likely Won’t Be Enough for Everyone at High Risk

August 6, 2020

The Wall Street Journal and journalist, Peter Loftus, continues to provide timely and well-balanced insights on the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.  In ”Early Coronavirus Vaccine Supplies Likely Won’t Be Enough for Everyone at High Risk’, journalist Peter Loftus notes a troublesome early gap between initial vaccine supplies and the requirements for first responders and high risk populations.  Notably, Mr. Loftus highlights the “100 million Americans, including doctors and nurses, other essential workers and nursing-home residents, (whom) should get vaccinated before the general public because they are at greater risk of exposure to the virus or of contracting more severe Covid-19 disease.”

Pending FDA approval, companies including AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna are fast-tracking vaccine developments to be ready as soon as Fall 2020.  While they are ramping up to scale to billions of vaccine doses, a significant amount of vaccine supply will not most likely be available until 2021.

The clients of Physicians Billing Service, leading Medical Practices and Physicians, have been actively keeping our team of outsourced medical billers up-to-date on the latest advancements and status of the pandemic response.  Our Physician clients, from  Infectious Disease to Vascular and Interventional Cardiology, remain optimistic on the timeline to substantially respond to the Pandemic via a robust Coronavirus response.

To read the full article on the status of Coronavirus Vaccine Supplies, visit the Wall Street Journal web site.

Insightful WSJ Video:  ‘Scientists Work to Produce Covid-19 Treatments Under New Conditions’

Peter Loftus, WSJ journalist, highlights how Eli Lily scientists are working together in unusual conditions to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

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